Common Questions about Blinds

Discover the answers to some of our most frequently asked Blinds questions.

Q-How long will it take to have my blinds installed?

A- 2 to 3 weeks

Q-How do I measure for a Roller blind to cover a door with a window in it?

A – Our service includes measuring. We then become responsible for the accurate fit. Windows in doors have a couple of options, all of which involve attaching the blind to the door via screws.

Q-I have very big windows what is the largest size of blinds that you can make?

A-Different blinds and fabrics are subject to width restrictions. Most will cover widths up to 70”, while some can reach widths up to 120”. You can also use multiple blinds on one headrail or vertical window coverings to solve this problem. View window shapes.

Q-Can I clean my blinds?

A-Different blinds require different types of care. We will advise you before you purchase any blind, on how to care for it.

Q-Do the blinds come with a Warranty?

A-Our manufacturers offer a limited life time warranty on their products. If a repair or warranty issue arises, our service includes a no charge service within the first year, where we will return to your place, remove the blind, ship it back to the manufacturer, and re-install it. After the first year, the manufacturer still authorizes its warranty, however it is your responsibility to return it, or pay a small service fee for us to remove the blind, ship it, and re-install it.

Q-What is the procedure for ordering my blinds?

A-Our service includes at no cost to you, coming to your home or business, showing samples of actual working blinds, giving you advise as to what would work best for your application and budget, taking accurate measurements to insure a custom fit. Contact us for a free consultation.

Q-Are automated window coverings available?

A-Most of our styles offer powered operation controlled by a hand held remote.

Q-Are there any safety issues I should be aware of with my new blinds?

A-Child safety is a major issue in our industry. All manufacturers take precautions in this area. We will advise you of the devices available to protect children.

Q-How long will my blinds last before I have to buy new ones?

A-Most blinds of this quality will last a lifetime. Replacement is usually done to modernize.

Q-What type of window blinds would be best in areas of high humity?

A- Shutters and alternative wood are excellent choices for these areas.

Q-What about Bay windows, Bow windows and unusual shapes like arches?

A – During our free in-home consultation, we will give you the various options available for your particular application. I will personally advise you in this area, and will also be involved in the installation process, to insure satisfaction.

Q-What’s the best way to inexpensively dress a window?

A – Custom made window coverings come in a wide range of pricing. We will email you a quote within 24 hours of our no charge consultation. There is no pressure put on you to make a purchase, so take advantage of this free service to find out your best price options.

Q-Can window blinds be used simultaneously with draperies valances or other accents?

A-Yes, however, the trend is toward a clean look, thus it is most common to have a stand alone window covering.

Q-Will my blinds keep heat in?

A-Some blinds will provide an added R factor. Cellular shades and shutters are your best options.

Q-Will your price include installation?


Q-Do you require a deposit?

A-A 50% deposit is required on all custom made product.

Q-Do you have a showroom?

A-For the convenience of the customer and to keep pricing very competitive our service is an in-home service. We bring working samples to your place where you can actually see what they will look like before you invest. There is no wasted time waiting in a line up for an hourly paid clerk to answer your questions.

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